Il Mare

Beaches of golden sand, stretches of rocks and coves. From Polignano, to Monopoli, to Torre Guaceto, the colors of our sea will illuminate your eyes.

Polignano a Mare

45 km - about 35 Minutes by Car

Polignano a Mare is a town in the south east of Bari famous in the world for being the birthplace of the famous singer-songwriter Domenico Modugno honored with a bronze statue, and for its jagged cliff full of blades and inlets such as, among the most famous, monachile blade crossed by a Roman bridge in the city center where every tourist takes the perfect souvenir photo. The crystal clear waters of the coves where you can dive and the historic center located overhanging the cliff, in fact, attract millions of visitors from all over the world every year, especially in summer.

The picturesque landscape that ranges from the rocky coast to the karst terrain full of olive trees, vegetables and farms, also make Polignano a mare a coveted location by the best national and international directors for film scripts. The main sources of wealth of the city are, therefore, tourism and horticulture, especially potatoes, carrots and tomatoes.

What to do in Polignano a Mare? The main activities are in the summer. In fact, from June to September, you'll find boat tours are organized every day to discover the 80 caves hollowed out by the natural erosion of the wind and water along the cliff. Among the caves don't miss to see Grotta Palazzese, Grotta Azzurra, Grotta di San Lorenzo, Grotta delle Rondinelle, Grotta del Guardiano. It is also possible to take part in kayak tours or sign up for mini stand-up surf courses.

For lovers of cultural itineraries, you can participate in events and exhibitions organized in the Palazzo Pino Pascali, and tours on foot or with ape car where expert guides tell the history of the city, the churches and the famous Abbey of San Vito walking through the streets of the historic center colored with stairways, loggias and panoramic terraces.

Two other interresting events annually organised in Polignano a Mare are: the famous extreme diving competition of Red Bull Cliff Diving, and the review of Il libro, a cultural event that attracts journalists, writers and prestigious actors. There are many restaurants, places where you can taste fish, the main food of Polignano's cuisine in all its recipes.


35 km - about 30 Minutes by Car

Overlooking the Adriatic Sea, developed along 15 km of low and indented coast with more than 25 sandy coves suitable for bathing, embellished by a characteristic historic center of the early medieval period surrounded by high walls, adorned with towers such as Torre Cintola and Torre San Giorgio, churches and castles, surrounded by farms, olive and almond trees. These are the main characteristics that make Monopoli an important tourist center of Puglia.

Once in Monopoli, the first thing to do is definitely take part in the walking tours in the ancient village. Expert guides on traditions, on the history of the city will lead you for a walk in the narrow streets of the historic center to discover the Cathedral of the Madonna della Madia, the Diocesan museum, the Porto Vecchio which in the evening becomes the perfect background for romantic walks, the Palazzo Martinelli built on the walls surrounding the sea, of the Castello Di Carlo V located on the promontory called Punta Penna. At each stop it is also possible to buy souvenirs from the numerous artisan shops that fill the streets.

If walking in the historic center is however the classic panoramic tour; more intriguing, more fascinating, more fun as well as more suggestive is the bike tour in the most peripheral area of the city. Here, by renting a bike and in groups of up to 10 people, you can stroll along the dirt roads of the Monopoli countryside where it is inevitable to be enchanted by the beauty of unspoiled nature made of millenary olive trees, almond trees and centuries-old carob trees. A journey through time in the various districts to discover old and historic trulli, rock churches with frescoes dating back to the Middle Ages, underground oil mills and historic farms (some also educational). An emotional journey lasting 4 -5 hours that will certainly not make you want to leave.

For lovers of days at the beach there are two alternatives: going south you can dive from rocky coves, going north you can beach in sandy coves. In both cases the sea is Caribbean. For the more mundane events, however, the city offers cinemas, theatrical performances, exhibitions. In the evening, the tide of clubs, pubs, restaurants are the ideal entertainment to experience Monopoli at any time of the day, even at the table.

Capitolo di Monopoli

This locality is certainly the heart of Monopolitan seaside tourism. Developed along 15km of coastline mainly with fine and golden sand, Capitolo is a popular tourist destination especially for young people. The multitude of clubs, discos, beaches open until late at night feed the nightlife.

The very wide and well-equipped beaches for the needs of all swimmers, the clear waters of the Adriatic Sea bear the blue flag of Capitolo, the coveted prize that any seaside resort contends. Among the most popular beaches of the coast we find Lido Pellerossa, Lido Sabbiadoro, Lido Tamerici, Lido Le Palme. Each beach is also equipped with car parking. Alternatively, between one beach and another, you can beach on free stretches of coast.

Among the other things to do in Capitolo di Monopoli, definitely a must are the Water Games such as water skiing, pedal boats, wakeboarding, or spend a relaxing day at the AcquaPark Egnazia, the large playground with swimming pools, entertainment and fun for all ages.

Savelletri di Fasano

25 km - about 25 Minutes by Car

Savelletri di Fasano is a fraction of the municipality of Fasano, or rather the seaside resort of the city. Equipped with a marina for mooring boats, it extends along the Adriatic coast between sandy coves and cliffs, becoming a tourist attraction for both adults and children.

Traveling along the north coast of Savelletri, you will come across the typical white houses built overhanging the sea but, of more historical significance, you will pass through the archaeological park of Egnazia as well as the remains of an ancient Roman / Greek city near Fasano.

The main entertainment, however, remain in the water. Among the things to do in Savelletri di Fasano not to be missed are the boat ride with Egnazia Touring to discover the hidden caves along the cliff or, for lovers of adrenaline experiences, the Parasail Savelletri or the Flyboard, that is, a boat ride suspended on a paraglider. or on a jet of water flying over the Adriatic.

Dune Costiere Park and Torre Guaceto

30 km - about 35 Minutes by Car

Dune Costiere Park

Dune Costiere Park from Torre Canne to Torre San Cataldo is one of the largest natural parks in Southern Italy. The diversification of natural habitats, the rock settlements, the expanses of arable land present in the interior give considerable importance to environmental protection and the economic / sustainable development of the Apulian territory.

Developed along 8 km of coastline between Ostuni and Fasano, the Park extends over 1100 hectares. Inside there are several paths all easily passable through which you come across the discovery of centuries-old olive trees, old underground oil mills, historic farms and ancient rock caves passing through the wetland and the fish farming systems of eels and mullets up to the sea. The guided tours inside the park also include stops with educational activities in the processing and conservation farms of the products sold under the Park Brand.

Torre Guaceto Natural Oasis

The Oasis of Torre Guaceto is a nature reserve that extends north of Brindisi along the Adriatic coast of upper Salento. The reserve, which covers an area of 1114 hectares, is a real oasis of peace, relaxation, fun and prestige. In fact, its beach has received the blue flag award for several years.

The Oasis is divided into a marine reserve that welcomes and protects a large number of animal and plant species such as birds, fish, coral beds; and terrestrial reserve, that is, the green lung of Torre Guaceto where organic and sustainable agriculture is practiced, especially for the production of fiaschetto tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil.

Experiencing Torre Guaceto also means immersing yourself completely in the reserve, detaching yourself from the surrounding world and enjoying the countless activities that are organized throughout the year. Among the main things to do in the Torre Guaceto Oasis are: snorkeling or the technique of swimming admiring the pristine seabed, the art of underwater photography, the sport of sailing by enrolling in the Torre Guaceto sailing school.

Outside the water, on the other hand, there are many walking paths passing through the thick reeds up to the source of Gew Site practicing birdwatching, that is literally the observation of the birds that populate the Oasis, trekking routes exploring the Mediterranean scrub among olive trees and centuries-old junipers and, for lovers of two wheels, cycle trekking. For children there are also many educational activities to learn and get to know the nature that populates the reserve with its artifacts and botanical perfumes.

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